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An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling. Director: Robert Zemeckis. Writer: John Gatins. From metacritic. Oscars Nominated Films. Movies I need to own. September Movies on free to air tv. To See: Share this Rating Title: Flight 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Learn more More Like This. Training Day Crime Drama Thriller. Man on Fire Action Crime Drama. The Book of Eli Action Adventure Drama. The Equalizer Action Crime Thriller. American Gangster Biography Crime Drama. Deja Vu Action Crime Sci-Fi. Unstoppable Action Thriller. Safe House The Taking of Pelham Action Comedy Crime. Inside Man Crime Drama Mystery. John Q Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Nadine Velazquez Katerina Marquez Denzel Washington Whip Whitaker Carter Cabassa Son on Plane Adam C.

Margaret Thomason Brian Geraghty Ken Evans Kelly Reilly Nicole Conor O'Neill Kip Charlie E. Tiki Pot as Charlie E. Schmidt Jr. Will Sherrod Schecter Boni Yanagisawa Camelia Satou Adam Tomei Fran Dane Davenport Derek Hogue John Crow Field Reporter Bruce Greenwood Edit Storyline Whip Whitaker is a commuter airline pilot.

Cassie is so well-drawn! I felt like I knew this half-lovable hot mess. Understanding how characters feel and why they do things is what I live for. Maybe I was a shrink in a past life. Or then again maybe I was a cockroach. What do I know. Oh there are some doozies and I loved every one. Wait until you read the pee story! Especially since my parents tried to pimp me out to the airlines. They dreamed of me meeting a rich guy in the sky, like Alex. And look at where that may have gotten me! Waking up next to a dead guy in Dubai!

Bohjalian did his homework; he could be a job recruiter for an airline if he ever gets sick of writing. Addiction fascinates me. Everywhere drunks go, they seem to stir up shit. Bohjalian does an excellent job describing, in detail, what alcohol does to both the addict and the world around her. Maybe in that past life as a shrink I specialized in addiction.

And maybe in a past life Bohjalian worked in a rehab center. Maybe we were work buds. Some reviewers say it was outrageous. I thought it was clever and fun. Gonna go staccato lol, if I can! But then again, drunks are known for their bad decisions. Occasionally her behavior—and her subsequent guilt—seemed overdone and repetitive. Only tell me made-up stuff! Spare me the lectures.

I never like reality or history to barge into my fiction delight. At all. But it bugs me. Some chapters are told from the point of view of a Russian named Elena. I found myself chomping at the bit to get back to Cassie. Not a big deal. Occasionally Europeans uttered some sentences in English that had a complex structure. One fun fact for me.

When I read his comments, something clicked. I realized that as I had been reading about Cassie, she had felt familiar. Now I see that Cassie was a lot like Sarah Hepola. Even a hotel scene was similar. Bohjalian channeled Hepola well! He said he kept a screenshot of page of Blackout on his phone. Damn, I read the Kindle version of Blackout so there are no page numbers. I have to! I read that they may make this book into a movie. Please please please be true! Jennifer Lawrence is a shoe-in for Cassie. Question: Would they show the movie on an international flight? Would I watch it?

Hell yes. The title had made me curious, especially since my parents had wanted me to work in the sky. Bohjalian apparently is multi-genred. Of course I need to read his other books now. I recommend this book to thriller readers, contemporary fiction lovers, and anyone who wants to see what alcoholism really looks like. View all 59 comments.

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Cassandra: Hi, I'm Cassie. Based on my extensive experience I see passed-out drunk and blackout drunk as two completely different categories. And, when will I ever learn that even three or four drinks and high heels are a poor combination? Now about that dead guy, I regained consciousness next to, the more I think about it I'm almost certain that I didn't cut his throat. But, no one is going to believe me. Chorus: We're Cassie's friends and family.

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We always expect the worse of Cassie. It's odd t Cassandra: Hi, I'm Cassie. It's odd the way she abuses herself and is so nice to the homeless kitties. Kirkus Reviews: The moral overcomes the mystery in this sobering cautionary tale. View all 13 comments. Jan 14, Theresa Alan rated it really liked it. This novel starts off starts off at a breathless pace and rarely lets up. It ends with a taut, exciting finale as well. Blood is everywhere. Why would sh This novel starts off starts off at a breathless pace and rarely lets up.

Why would she slit his throat? He seemed like a nice guy. Because she has gaps in her memory, she decides to catch the flight to Paris rather than find out how they deal with drunken women and possible murderers in Dubai. The mystery and twists and turns make this a fun, exciting read.

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Some of her choices made me cringe, but people making bad choices is what makes for compelling thrillers. I would definitely read more of this author's work. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Doubleday books for the opportunity to review this book. View all 14 comments. Sep 12, Liz rated it liked it. Cassie has a whole lot of issues. She became a flight attendant to escape her childhood.

A blackout, sleep with anyone, kind of drunk. For some reason, I felt very detached while reading this. She makes one dumb decision after another. The one I felt sorry for was her lawyer. Miranda was also there that night, drinking with Cassie and the victim. This Isn't a fast paced story.

The tension, such as it is, builds slowly. It kept my interest wondering how Cassie was going to extract herself from this mess, or if indeed, she would. This one however, left me with a distinct sense of disappointment. I didn't like the main protagonist at all and thought she was a hot mess. So sorry to say, that this book for me rates a 3 star value. I always believe that when one goes into a book with much anticipation, that oftentimes we find ourselves disappointed and left kind of with a blah feeling. View all 36 comments. Aug 23, Carol Bookaria rated it liked it Shelves: , netgalley , netgalley , fiction , mistery-thriller.

This is a thriller about a flight attendant that wakes up to find her one-night-stand date dead in bed next to her. This event triggers an investigation for the killer and what follows raises more questions than answers. The book is narrated from alternating points of view and takes place mostly in Dubai and New York. I found the book intriguing, interesting, and character-driven. She reminded me a little bit of This is a thriller about a flight attendant that wakes up to find her one-night-stand date dead in bed next to her.

She reminded me a little bit of the main character of The Woman in the Window but with different motivations. If you like slower-paced reads then this book is for you. Overall I enjoyed it and recommend it to readers of thrillers, mysteries, and contemporary fiction. View all 18 comments. Jul 01, Jenny rated it liked it. Just a few notes on this book. Book was a struggle at times to get through, it felt forced for length. The storyline started out strong but fizzled.

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A lot going on at the end and it also had too much happening without enough background. View all 10 comments. Aug 15, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-content , legal-thriller-mystery , read , mystery , stand-alone-novel , arc-doubleday. Regular readers of Chris Bohjalian have learned by now that you never know what you're going to get when you open one of his novels. Every single one is different. Because some of the enjoyment of Bohjalian comes with the surprise factor, I won't go into heavy detail about The Flight Attendant except to say that this book is more about the female lead character: Cassie than it is the overall plot line.

Don't get me wrong, there is an intricate storyline to follow - one that is at once full of co Regular readers of Chris Bohjalian have learned by now that you never know what you're going to get when you open one of his novels. Don't get me wrong, there is an intricate storyline to follow - one that is at once full of confusion and cleverness, but Cassie is at the heart of this novel. You will get to know every single thing about her The Flight Attendant is full of mystery, murder, sex, culture, and one hell of an unreliable narrator.

It's full of other stuff too but I won't spoil the plot. It made me wonder if he wrote this book and focused on the countries he did just so he could include those narratives. It disappointed me a great deal to think there may have been a possible agenda with this book but it's Bohjalian's book and his platform. The opinions were confined to this chapter but I would have preferred them to be left out all together. Each reader will have their own opinion and perspective of current events. Let them take the settings and subject matter and draw their own. Regardless, I very much enjoyed The Flight Attendant overall and am very glad to have read it.

It was engaging, very mysterious, and it created a hundred different avenues for how it could have ended. If you are a fan of character-driven mysteries, check it out! My favorite quote: "Remember that person you wanted to be? There's still time. View all 23 comments. Aug 24, AnisaAnne rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. You can also read my review on WP: anisabookreviews. This novel is a complex international thriller.

Suspenseful and intelligent! I may have gotten away with murder. Cassie wakes up in a dense fog. This place is not her hotel. She is in someone's room in another hotel. And she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brace for Impact. Cassie, a flight attendant, has You can also read my review on WP: anisabookreviews. Cassie, a flight attendant, has just discovered that her Russian hedge fund date from row 2C is lying in a pool of his blood. She remembers another person in the room hours prior, Miranda.

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They all drank together. But now Cassie is not sure what happened. What did she do in her nebulous state? She tries to cover all her footsteps and fingerprints leaving no trace behind. But there is Miranda. But also Meghan, another attendant, who remembers Cassie's flirtation with Alex during the flight. The Flight Attendant has a suspenseful and intricate plot. Told in alternating points of view, Cassie, and Elena Miranda both tell their sides after the scene which makes the narrative intriguing.

Cassie's uncanny ability to lie coupled with her paranoia makes us suspect that she may be an unreliable storyteller. I love Cassie's thought process after Dubai, the pondering of each detail with the precision of a mastermind. After all, she can only rely on herself to determine what happened and what is to follow. Elena is a well-respected paid assassin and can cover the truth with a twenty-two. Her father taught her everything he knew from his former KGB days. Each of these characters carries a multi dimensional personality with a unique backstory and family members with quirks and personal behaviors.

The author did not skimp out on the details which made the characters believable and relatable. Oddly enough, you sympathize with conflicting characters, which is an engaging twist.

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As the story unfolds, we learn more about who Alex Sokolov is and why he is dead. What is Miranda's involvement. And why the FBI is questioning Cassie. The author did his research on several levels. With an international murder setting, the legal details of foreign and domestic law and protocols of the FBI are precise. The setting of Dubai boasts with Arabian pride, with grand hotels and the souk markets with omnipotent smells of spice.

The author also had specific details of the role of an airline attendant, flight routes, the in-between arrangement, flight bidding and also of the preferred color of lipstick, red. The intricacies of the plot and narrative felt remarkably complete and created authenticity. My only complaint about the novel is that the character building and the reminiscence created a time lag between the action of the plot. But it may be a reflection of my need for fast-moving plots. The story moves at a metronomic pace creating a hunger in the reader.

And then there is intermittent turbulence to make you gasp and the undeniable debacle at the conclusion that will leave you reaching for oxygen. The Flight Attendant is a great story that engaged the reader on many levels. View all 19 comments. Apr 29, Susanne Strong rated it really liked it Shelves: edelweiss. As per her usual M. What happens next however is a first for Cassie: when she wakes up with him the next morning - she discovers blood on the pillow near her head and when she looks over at him she discovers that his neck has been slashed.

She drank so much that she blacked out the night before and has no recollection as to what happene 4 Stars On a flight to Dubai, Cassie meets a very attractive man. She drank so much that she blacked out the night before and has no recollection as to what happened. Could she have? Did she? Though she is panicked, she knows enough to wipe everything down, removing evidence of her existence in the hotel room and before leaving. Well, Cassie does what she does best She lies about everything. Are you intrigued yet?

Well, you should be. This is a novel that keeps you guessing. It is captivating and completely engrossing. I liked Cassie a lot, flaws and all. She is who she is, no apologies. Published on Edelweiss, Goodreads, Twitter and Amazon on 4. View all 38 comments. Jun 05, Dianne rated it really liked it Shelves: best-of SO freaking good!!!! Not at all what I expected. I was expecting a "personal struggle" melodrama about an alcoholic flight attendant and what I got was a crackerjack international espionage thriller whose main character happened to be an alcoholic flight attendant and she is something else!

I have only read a few Bohjalian books but I didn't think something like this was in his wheelhouse. Bohjalian - MORE! Thoroughly enjoyable. I feel sorry D A M N!!!!!!! I feel sorry for my next book View all 26 comments. Jul 25, Justin Tate rated it liked it. Incredible opening chapter! Sadly, all went stagnant after that. Some surprises toward the end, but by then my patience had worn out and I was ready to read something else. Excellent writing, just didn't do it for me plot-wise. View 1 comment.

Nov 16, Mackey rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller-suspense , netgalley-ew , favorites , spy-thriller , my-reviews. Chris Bohjalian has done it again! Readers of his work, by now, should just come to expect a literary surprise each time they open his newest book! The Flight Attendant is no exception.

What begins as a somewhat slow burning, character driven mystery soon escalates into an international espionage thriller. It happened so quickly I nearly wasn't aware of it. Granted, Cassie, the flight attendant, is a train wreck waiting to happen. To say she is an alcoholic is like saying the Vatican is a small c Chris Bohjalian has done it again! To say she is an alcoholic is like saying the Vatican is a small cathedral.

She drinks a lot; she blacks out - not passes out - blacks out with no recollection of events. She has a guy in every port or maybe more than one guy. This time she has awakened next to a murdered man and she cannot recall how it happened. This guy has connections to Russians who now are very interested in Cassie. Cassie, being the bright mess that she is creates one debacle after another. Never have I read a book with such an infuriating main character!

However, despite this insanity that is her life, Cassie is not unlikeable. No matter how hard I tried to loathe her, I simply could not. This is very much Cassie's story despite a secondary voice every other chapter or so. What a story it is, too, and one that is told as only Chris Bohjalian can do - amazingly! This novel crosses genres from mystery to suspense, thriller to espionage View all 33 comments. Dec 01, Sonja Arlow rated it it was ok Shelves: read. Really truly? I get that books like Sandcastle Girls and this one is very different in tone, content and pacing but if you are a skilled writer then you can manage the differences.

I also understand that books like this requires you to suspend your disbelief in favour of the cheap thrills offered but the Epilogue stretched credulity so far that it snapped. It was just so contrived that I decided to lower my initial 3 star ra 2. It was just so contrived that I decided to lower my initial 3 star rating. Cassie is a mess, she drinks way too much a fact that the author beats us over the head with , she is becoming more and more unreliable at work and she sleeps with a different man in a different country each time her plane touches down.

Elena could have been a very interesting character, but she came across as too cold and distant to allow me to feel like I got to know her. As with The Guest Room this is a page turner with an unlikable main character. As with Guest Room the main character is put in an unbelievably highly stressful situation that they handle badly.

Will I read another book by this author? May 02, Scarlett Readz and Runz Well, well, well The Flight Attendant was a great book. It had me from the get-go. It was an unexpected, ruthless ride I was glad to take. Cassandra Bowden is the quintessential party girl. City to city, bar to bar, bed to bed. AND, she is a flight attend Well, well, well AND, she is a flight attendant. One morning, she finds herself waking up next to man she met on a flight to Dubai. To her horror, he is dead. His throat has been slashed and she finds the remnants of a broken bottle next to the bed on her nightstand.

Before she knows it, word gets out. Back on US soil, she tells herself, that this will not catch up with her. Of course in her mind…there are all kinds of explanations. She can spin it one way or another. But when the FBI comes knocking on her door, how long can she keep her cool? Simply put, it was fast, character driven, exciting, worldly, exotic, twisty, shamefully and ruthless.

However, the ending might surprise you. I highly recommend…and I need more reads like this! View all 8 comments. Aug 28, Debra rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden is a flight attendant and alcoholic. She binge drinks and is no stranger to black outs and one night stands. On a flight into Dubai she flirts with a man in the first class cabin and ends up spending the night with him. When she wakes up the next morning, she needs to remember where she is and hopes to slip quietly out of bed when she discovers the blood. A lot of blood, and quickly determines that the man she spent the night with is dead.

Has she killed him? She doesn' Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden is a flight attendant and alcoholic. She doesn't think so. She has done some crazy things when drunk but never anything violent. If she didn't kill him. Could it be the woman they shared drinks with the previous night? Freaking out, she cleans up the room and heads back to her Hotel to meet up with the flight crew. Hoping to cover her tracks, she lies to her friend on the crew. She lies to the FBI, she lies to her union but tells her attorney the truth - that she is a heavy drinker who does not know how or why the man died in bed next to her.

This book started out really strong for me. The premise is great : a woman wakes up next to dead man who has clearly been murdered. Why did the killer not kill the flight attendant as well? Initially the story really grabbed me and although it did keep my attention. There is also the part of the story where we learn about the killer, why she did not kill the flight attendant initially and her hunt for her after the fact.

Somewhere along the path of this story it lost some of its UMP for me. It became a little flat. Cassie is not the most likable character and I found I really did not care what happened to her. Her attorney at one point even makes a comment about Cassie not having a rock bottom. The writing is good and this book started strong but lost me along the way. I received a copy of this book from Doubleday Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. See more of my reviews at www.

View all 3 comments. You tell a lie, then another. And another. You need to tell the truth now, but it is far too late for that. A propensity for drinking mass quantities of alcohol and picking up strange men during flight layovers in foreign countries view spoiler [ How stupid can you be, lady? Bad decisions are made, one after another. As her mismanaged life spirals out of control, she finds herself suspected of murder, and is on a short li You tell a lie, then another.

As her mismanaged life spirals out of control, she finds herself suspected of murder, and is on a short list of targets for elimination. Other reviewers have mentioned the epilogue not ringing quite true, and I agree. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. You could definitely tell that Bohjalian did his research for this book. For the cities, the details, the flight attendants, the laws talked about, everything. This was more of a slow-burning thriller to me, and I didn't think the book was especially fast-paced. However, that didn't seem to be a problem with this one even though I usually like faster paced books better.

I loved the multiple POVs. You got Elena and Cassie which was really nice to have those 2 viewpoints throughout the book. Multiple viewpoints always hook me. I just wish there would have been more Elena and Cassie's wouldn't have been so much because she drove me crazy. This book definitely keeps you interested, and I didn't see the ending coming AT. It totally blew me away. Now some things I didn't like. Cassie was one hot mess, and I didn't feel like she learned a thing throughout the book I really hate when that happens. She was idiotic, unstable, and usually in a drunken stupor even after she knew she was in trouble.

Like get yourself together already woman She just functioned on the mantra "we are who we are" and didn't even TRY to change or grow in the slightest. And her habit of stealing from hotels began to irritate me as well. I found her extremely unlikeable as a character. I guess this just goes to show how well Bohjalian can portray his characters though.

I saw another reviewer had pointed that out and it is so true. He really makes you dislike Cassie. Honestly, I can't think of one character I really liked all that much besides Ani she cracked me up , I just didn't feel like you got any real depth from them so it was hard for me to feel a connection.

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