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At age 17, Franklin left Boston because

As biographer H. He avoided arguments altogether.

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Laughing, his opponents listened and were persuaded. Another quality that endeared Franklin to everyone who came into contact with him was his focus on ideas and relationships rather than money. Some of us may think of Franklin as he prototypical American capitalist, and while he was an enormously successful businessman, making money was never his primary objective.

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The governor of Pennsylvania offered Franklin the exclusive rights to sell his new fireplace in the province, an arrangement that would have made Franklin a very wealthy man, but he refused. Franklin exemplified the consummate relationship builder.

Building Relationships for Life

He knew how smart he was but rarely let it show. He had many of the answers but preferred to ask provocative questions. He was one of the most knowledgeable men on the planet, but his insatiable curiosity and zest for learning new things never flagged. What has helped you develop your own "Relationship Capital"?

Benjamin Franklin Mocked Eclipse Astrology to Elevate Science

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Franklin did and, with some assistance from Zall, goes on doing so. The growth in Franklin's control of his comic sense is gradually revealed as Zall traces his wit from his youth to his old age. What a wonderful way to celebrate the th anniversary of Franklin's birth! Paul Zall, the man who 'discovered' the real Franklin Autobiography at the Huntington Library after it had remained in manuscript for nearly two hundred years, the man who has done more to make early American humor accessable to the general public than anyone else in our time, guides us through Franklin's life using his humor as the main source.

Benjamin Franklin's humor

Zall's commentary is as readable and useful as Franklin's own contributions. Here, the most down-to-earth of the Founders continually impresses us with his genius for elevating the lowly and deflating the pretensions of the high and mighty.

Frequently taking on other personae, such as women, African-Americans, and even animals, Franklin shows us time and again the injustice and absurdity of human affairs, constantly reminding us we should seek to be amused rather than disgusted if we wish to keep our sanity. Cover may differ from image shown.

Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor
Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor
Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor
Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor
Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor
Benjamin Franklins Humor Benjamin Franklins Humor

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