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Barbour and Wayne H. Davis, Long out of print, this is a classic reference to bats that scientists still refer to.

Bats in the Band (A Bat Book) (Paperback)

Each bat species gets pages of information, including some remarkable natural history observations. Well worth looking for as a used book, such as from AbeBooks. A comprehensive book about the bats of the West, including species natural history, ecology and conservation. Harvey and J.

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Scott Altenbach, If you are looking for a solid reference to all of the bats in the U. It has detailed descriptions of each bat, plus some early general chapters on many things about bats, from bat houses to World War II and bats. This is published by the Western National Parks Association and is available from national park visitor center bookstores.

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Among general field guides, this one gives a short but excellent and complete introduction to the bat species of North America. A must have book for a science unit on bats. The bats perform as readers practice counting up to 10 then back down again building anticipation and excitement for the grand finale.

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Bats at the Library By Brian Lies: Similar to Bats at the Beach this book shows just what bats would do if they were to spend night in the library. The pictures in this title are just as gorgeous as the last and the rhyming text and silly bat antics appeal to young readers. Frizzle and her class are on the case!

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Lots of fascinating information about bats in a fun narrative style. The bats dance around as the mouse holds up the clock showing the time on each page. A great pick for reading when teaching time to the hour.

Nightsong : In this sweet story a mother bat teaches her baby bat to be independent and use his strengths to find his way. This book weaves in learning about echolocation along with a great narrative story. Lots of rich vocabulary and great artwork make this book a new favorite. Bats Love the Night By Nicola Davies: Another great non fiction book that reads more like a story but has lots of great information sprinkled throughout.

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This book specifically tells about the behaviors and characteristics of the pipistrelle bat, which would be a great starting point for comparing with other bat types. If you are still a little overwhelmed trying to decide which books to use and what skills to practice, I am taking all the guesswork out of that for you!

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A Bat Book A Bat Book
A Bat Book A Bat Book
A Bat Book A Bat Book
A Bat Book A Bat Book
A Bat Book A Bat Book
A Bat Book A Bat Book
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