Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser

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'Starlite': Hairdresser Maurice Ward's Incredible, Missing Invention

Some talk about rusty drinking water, some that when they had meal breaks, they ate crab claws and bait. In their case it was frozen squid. The Norwegian Coast Guard has heard similar stories from this snow crab fleet. Several of the fishermen say they had to pay a lot to get a job off the Norwegian coast:. They said I would earn 25, kroner a month. But when I got on board, it turned out that I only got kroner. In addition, they wanted me to pay for the journey and food and accommodation on board. When I left the boat seven months later, I still owed money. I never got paid for three of the months on board.

There would be people waiting for us on the Russian side of the border, and we would disappear and not be found until the snow melted. Dagbladet Magazine knows the identity of the man who allegedly made death threats. He has not responded to our inquiry. When he did not work fast enough, the crew began to abuse him. He was punched and beaten up every night. After a month he asked to leave the boat without being paid. It is still painful for me to talk about it. But I dared not do anything to save him. I was afraid they would go after me if I said anything. However, one of the captains of snow crab vessels did respond to our inquiry.

Captain Igor Vladimirovich Zalogin is 53 years old. He has spent 36 of them at sea, the last 15 years as captain. When Dmitry disappeared from "Kalmar," Zalogin was its commanding officer. On the phone he denies that the conditions on board are, or have been, as critical as Dmitry and former crewmembers have described. This is neither slavery nor human trafficking. People know what they are in. The working conditions are in the contract. Working on a boat is very hard. Everyone says that crab fishing is the world's hardest job.

But I promise you: people earn well on these boats. We do not have enough jobs for those who wants them, says the captain. He will not comment on the allegations of the crew about scarce or bad food. He says he is not aware that crews have received death threats or been fooled by agents. He does not think that Irina's husband has been subjected to something criminal but he does not know what could have caused the death:. It was night, it was dark.

Most crew members were resting. We were on our way from one port to another, he says. We know that Dmitry left his cabin with his phone and headphones, so probably he was going to call home. It blew pretty good that night, maybe he was careless and slipped and fell overboard? As a rule, we do not know who we are working for.

I do not know who owns the company. In practice, the captain is always to blame. Everything that happens on board a boat is the captain's responsibility, regardless if he is awake or asleep. The feeling of that cannot be described and will pursue me for the rest of my life. Who did Dmitry really work for? A web search shows that "Kalmar" and "Valka" are owned by the Baltjura-serviss company, which is based in the Latvian port city of Liepaja. According to the Latvian business register, the company had no turnover in Contact person for the company is Aleksandras Ramanauskas.

Dimitry went to Norway to fish snow crab – he never came back

The register further states that Baltjura-serviss is owned by a small Lithuanian company, Turijanus, which in its turn is owned by a Russian named Maksim Chan. Until Turijanus dealt in hair and beauty care, but then switched to fish and seafood production. The company has one employee and a turnover of less than 50, kroner. At Turijanus' address in the port city of Klaipeda in Lithuania, there is no fishing company to be found. Instead we find a hair salon, which used to be called Turijanus.

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The woman who works in the salon says she remembers a guy named Ramanauskas who was in charge of the hair salon before the new owner. Turijanus sole shareholder, Russian Maksim Chan, is a lawyer specializing in maritime law and representing key players in the crab industry. Instead, there is a message in Korean that the phone is off.

Most offices in the old concrete block seem empty. In a corridor we meet an elderly woman with white hair and steel-framed eyeglasses. At the end of the hallway an older man is sitting in something that resembles a small radio workshop. I think I've heard about that company. Perhaps they are in the back yard? This is Baltjura-serviss. The boss is out, the ladies say, but one of them offers to write down his name and phone number: Aleksandras Ramanauskas. As we leave the backyard, one of them comes running. We already know the name. In October he was elected to the Latvian Parliament. He is said to be a potential candidate for the post of finance minister in a new government.

He is wearing a dark blue suit, a white shirt and a red tie. On the wall of his office there is a large map of Europe. That's where I come in. Theses riches are so huge that we cannot resist fighting for them. We can earn billions, but Norway is trying to stop us, he says. There is also an overview of the boats comprising the "EU fleet".

Two of those which adorn the front page are "Valka", which Dmitry worked on in , and "Kalmar", which he got on in When Norway and Russia closed the crab fishery in the Loopholefor other nations in and respectively, the Latvians set their sights on the fishery protection zone around Svalbard. He says he will send us an email when he has talked with them. Despite countless reminders that email never comes.


I have my PR advisor in Riga. You know that very well, says Ramanauskas before he hangs up. We knock. But nobody opens. There will be no comment from me. These 'colleagues' from Dagbladet work for the Norwegian government against the interests of the Latvian state. I think you know this very well. They spread lies and falsify information I urge you and all other colleagues not to betray your country's interests, and not to work with these 'gentlemen' on this case! It is a morning in late October, almost two months after Dmitry Kravchenko disappeared.

Irina Kravchenko is sitting in front of a PC at the kitchen table in her apartment in Odessa. Over the past few weeks, Dagbladet Magasinet has kept in touch with Irina over the Internet.

She looks tired. Thoughts of her husband's death and the so far futile attempts to find out whether she and her son are entitled to compensation keep her awake at nights. Nobody will explain what has happened, she says. The textured ends create angles, which help to soften the jawline and draw attention to your eyes. And why? Nader recommends those with square faces to style a bend or a haphazard wave throughout hair to soften the overall look.

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Crabzilla - the verdict: Giant crab in Whitstable is hoax, rules leading marine biologist

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Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser
Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser Mr. Crab becomes a Hairdresser

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