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Let's do it. If you want to buy a second hand official Jolla Tablet, comment to this post and after that write your name to the list. Also write down the date and time of that comment in GMT. If you have announced your will to buy a Tablet in Jolla Blog or Together before, put your name and date and time of that announcement to the list and post a link to it as a comment.

It might also be a good idea to leave some contact info in case potential seller is reading the list ;. If you find any errors, please feel free to make any corrections.

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Hawaiian Eye Show: What is “Vog” and how does it affect your eyes

If you have better idea how to organize, feel free to edit. Note: There are two separate lists in case seller wants to prefer IGG-backers over other people. This was suggested by a user in the comment section of the newest blog post. If someone gets invitation to get the Tablet and doesn't want it, of course next one in the original line next pledge number gets it. This post is for situations where someone has already got the Tablet but doesn't want it anymore and wants to sell it forward. And this is just my suggestion how to do it.

If many people want to sell, it's easy if the list of potential buyers is visible somewhere. No-one is obliged to follow this list of course. Julius , I can add your name to the list, since your karma isn't enough to edit wiki.

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Are you backer or other? Hey there! I would like to get a tablet. I thought I'd offer it for sale here before putting it on eBay. I used Yoybuy as an agent great experience with them and paid UK import duty when it arrived. It is still in excellent condition and fully functional - the seller included a slightly creased screen protector which I applied as soon as I unwrapped it though not very well because there are still bubbles. It has only been used lightly, perhaps only a handful of times. There are a few very light marks on the back plastic that can only be seen when tilting the tablet in bright light - so light they'll be impossible to photograph.

It comes with the original box, box contents and wrapping but I don't have a case for it unfortunately. Sailfish works as expected as does the Android functionality. It is currently running the most recent early access release 2. If anyone is interested, let me know. Make me an offer! I'd prefer to ship to Europe only but am open to suggestions.

Walkable Big Island Town? - Island of Hawaii Forum - TripAdvisor

I will post photos etc if there is any genuine interest. I would be interested in buying your tablet - I'm based in the UK. I originally ordered through indiegogo but wasn't fortunate enough to get one. Hi ajp , tad , Thank you both for your interest. I've been really busy recently so apologies for not replying sooner.

David TheWook Danforth’s tracks

I've not had chance to organise the sale yet - I haven't taken any photos etc but I will do this weekend and I'll post a link and a way to contact me. Don't go away! I would like to buy a tablet. March 20th am GMT - contact: jfroejk gmail. Hi folks, I'm one of the few IGG backers who received their tablet though sadly too late so I'm selling it on the bay! Feel free to bid here:. Afaik Jolla JT has more internal storage, bigger battery and better camera, but other than that the internals should be somewhat similar If you want a real original Jolla Tablet, get in touch with me.

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Fissure 8 is still emitting a gas plume, and lava circulates weakly within the cone. Residual lava is still draining into the ocean near Pohoiki. The latest from the HotSeatHawaii gang. Bruce Omori posted photos of the same flight on Facebook , including:. I came across this interesting paper on the last lava flow to threaten Lower Puna, just years ago.

Tag: pu’u o’o

It brings home just how remarkable the current eruption is. Its average rate of speed was meters a day.

Der Ruf elaxuromov.cf

After which, Kilauea caldera collapsed, and there were years of explosive eruptions before Kilauea reverted to effusive lava eruptions. Fissure 8 continues to do its thing fountains up to ft today , pumping a vast river of lava towards Kapoho. Its flow front is about a mile wide where it meets the ocean. Summit activity continues to follow its geyser-like cyclical pattern. Earthquakes increased until AM, when there was an explosion equivalent of M5.

East and southeasterly winds sent an unpleasant amount of vog over Hilo and the Saddle. This will continue through Saturday, then tradewinds come to the rescue. Helicopter overflight of the Kapoho Bay area on the morning of June 8, , shows a flow front that is nearly a mile wide, extending south to Vacationland. Normally I tuck the USGS media conference call into my digest for the day, but my notes are so long I decided to put this in its own post.

Summary: Eruption is continuing with no signs of stopping. Wendy Stovall gives all kinds of geeky tidbits about temperatures, heights, where the magma is coming from, plumbing system of Kilauea. Scientists are starting to discuss calling this a new eruption, but their focus right now is on collecting data and getting info to Civil Defense.

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