Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)

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Fort Griffin Under The Night Sky

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. Those seeking a more literary touch, perhaps in the paths forged by crime noir masters such as James M.

Cain or Jim Thompson — both known for dark, first-person descents into depravity — might be disappointed with this revenge tale. Those who enjoy procedural drama may be drawn to the heavily plotted narrative that coughs up every detail like a MacGyver episode. Really, every detail.

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More than are needed to move things along, and decidedly at the expense of character development. The story follows the life-contorting conviction and near-execution of Rafael Zhettah, a young Texan on the make for what looks like a successful career as a chef and restaurateur in Houston. He is falsely accused of murdering his beautiful, wealthy wife, Tieresse, at the rural home and land in Kansas she bought for them. They were deeply in love. But a jury says he is guilty and dispatches him to death row in Huntsville. Confessions evolves as an extended flashback, as Rafael — Rafa to his wife and Inocente to a fellow inmate — awaits certain execution at the notorious Walls unit.


Texas Redeemed : Isla Bennet :

All efforts at reprieve fail. But an 11th-hour discovery and arrest of the real killer, a drifter who murdered Tieresse in the course of a robbery, changes everything. Zhettah finds himself a free, if revenge-minded, widower. Those involved in his unjust conviction are apologetic to various degrees.

His torturous six and a half years in prison have turned him into the criminal that he had not been. Turns out the estate Tieresse bought contains an abandoned missile silo. Pangs of conscience, not terribly convincing, make him weak when he should stay angry and cold-blooded.

Instead, he seeks personal redemption. Then he gets bad health news, a final plot twist. Rafael learns this unwanted truth very quickly. Especially when he is transferred to death row:. Men do not go crazy from being locked in a cage.

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They do not go crazy from the outside pushing in. They crack from the inside pushing out. When you take away hope, madness fills its place, and madness is loud. Death row is the loudest thing I ever experienced, louder than anything in the free world, louder than a concert, louder than a jet, louder than a firecracker exploding inside your ear; and it is loud all the time, morning, day, and night. We do not count down the days until we will be free in here.

We count them down to our deaths.

Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)
Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel) Texas Redeemed (A Night Sky Novel)

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