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Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. A super long list of jeopardy questions. This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file. Great novel. NOW's first presidential endorsement was of this Democratic nominee; makes sense? Petersburg, Russia. We're in St. Alex: In this category, we have four easy lit questions, and one doozy, one tough one.

That means you won't be around for Final Jeopardy! Alex: Chronologically U. You were going to say that, Jeremy? Well, you should have rung in - you could have been a contender! Jimmy of the Clue Crew walks through a city park. Subway, here I come! William O. Alex: You have to identify the president Lucy Rutherford B. In Psalm 23 it's more than full Yeah, we'll accept that. He's the brother heard here: "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! This woman used this camera back when she was an aspiring photographer for a Washington D.

Ruckelshaus, again assumed its reins, succeeding Anne Burford the Environmental Protection Agency You have to tell us what country is You have to find the word that indicates the bird. Mark, you have 19, points, Paul has 8, points, Cathy, you have 4, That is correct; Keith, I know you'd love to have 66, because we threw in an extra 50, there.

You have 15, Burmese In Pres. Senator Stephen A. Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from on location. Chris or Monica? Chris thought of it, but too late. NOW's policy on this scandal says, "Whereas" Navy aviators cornered women and "passed them down a gauntlet? Alex: You have to identify the actress. Be more specific.

Le Corbusier Darcy's estate From Pride and Prejudice. It's out of the closet that he was in the closet with Nan Britton, a young flapper Warren G.

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The better, stronger, faster Col. Alfred E. Neuman's standard rhetorical query "What, me worry? The ancient pastime I'm practicing was said to improve coordination between these two body parts [After seeing Sarah's successful catch] Oh boy. Many space shuttle missions have taken U. This woman who spent six months on Mir in holds the U. Mike Hammer and Sledge Hammer! Yo-Yo Man, what's your most requested trick? Of wiggin, snood or hackle, the one that's the fleshy growth hanging down over a male turkey's beak They all sound pretty strange, don't they! You have to tell us what word should be there.

Alexander Pope:"A little Jeopardy! Very funny. Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from on location. It's my favorite animal. We're talkin' about bovine, here. Alex: Audience, oh be quiet! I betcha if you went into your kitchen, you'd have some there. I'm in the Yankee Stadium section where, in , this man's third home run of World Series game six landed; all were hit on the first pitch Mr. October, yes. It's a shade of brown, a type of nut or a nutty housekeeper hazel Also called the Sierra redwood, or just "the big tree", it once covered much of the Northern Hemisphere; now it's down to a few groves Be more specific.

That word--the letters "E-N-D"--those letters--will come up in each correct repsonse. Richard, select again. Nina or Tony? This show was not Art Linkletter. Linguistically, did ahoy enter the English language directly from sailors? Riley hit, "My mama socked it to" this junior high's P. Cochrane established his music credentials with the Toronto-based band Red Rider throughout the s with hits such as White Hot , Boy Inside the Man and Big League before striking out on his own with his solo debut Mad Mad World in Life Is a Highway was the first single and went to No.

The great songs, they tell a story. The great songs, they have a mystery. With this one, he delivered an iconic performance and a great hook. He reworked an old demo — Love is a Highway — with new lyrics focused on staying positive and riding out the hard times. That the biggest reggae single in U. Still, with seven consecutive weeks at No. While Insensitive is her biggest hit, Arden is no one-hit wonder. The platinum-selling album saw the band nominated for Group of the Year at the Junos they would lose to the Tragically Hip. So, when it came time to record the song with producer Jerry Harrison in Wisconsin, he left the song as it was, feeling that its striking images would make it an interesting listen.

It certainly did. The strategy worked. The quirky "otherness" of Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm caught attention almost right out the gate and the song soon hit No. It also hit No. The band played Saturday Night Live in February , and went on to tour the world. The song also had some moderate success in the U. I Feel Like a Woman! And that music video? The sensation from Timmins, Ont. Not that Man!

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In other words, Man! Drinking in L. Surrounded — Chantal Kreviazuk Under These Rocks and Stones Twenty years ago, a young singer-songwriter from Winnipeg with a voice as big as the Prairie sky broke out with the soaring piano ballad Surrounded. It was the first CD I ever bought for myself, my first concert, my first real understanding of the power of music. And You Oughta Know was my first, and forever, angst anthem. I was too young to really appreciate what its lyrics meant. No man had broken my heart. No man existed in my life at all, except for the ones I was related to.

I used to outright giggle when she gets to the swear. But that voice, the sheer anguish that felt like it was channelled from the depths of a wounded soul sing it out loud to yourself, in full throat, please — youuu-uh, youuu-uh, youuu-uh OUGHTA KNOWWW — it was cathartic, even for a young dolt without a clue. And it stayed with me, when I did eventually have my heart broken. I can only imagine what this badass track meant to people who had gone through some real suffering when it first landed.

We all loved it once , but no song from that album beats You Oughta Know. Whoever it was that wronged Alanis — or you — well, I hope they feel it. Actually, they somehow scored many hits, but Sucks to be You was the party-starter at every preteen dance the country over. It clearly does suck to be him, and now we all know it. Money City Maniacs was later licensed by Labatt Blue for an ad campaign, but despite the commercialization of the song, it remains a fan favourite to this day.

Len frequently makes lists of one-hit wonders. No matter where or how it was written, the big chunky guitar riffs and driving beat on Hello Time Bomb make it nothing if not an anthemic CanCon banger. But somehow it works, even still. Those sweet strings, those jazzy, nasally vocals and those innocent early days of the millennium came together to spawn an infectious hit that was, and remains, unique. Recalls Dion in a wonderful oral history of the song posted by Billboard.

Merrill Beth Nisker was doing — namely, making funny, sexy, catchy tunes that subverted norms in both gender and genre. Basement Apt. Just one listen to this loping, bouncy description of a Toronto flat and the relationship contained within it brings me right back to the fall of , when Kingston, Ont. The memory is as specific as the sharply observed details of song, the jaunty, clarinet-enhanced melody of which belies its narrative arc of wide-eyed hope, silent discord and, ultimately, resigned despair.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Its relentlessly hummable melody made the song a staple of rock radio, and its parent record went platinum. In less than three minutes, Ajax, Ont. It was No. How You Remind Me was a moment in music history, whether we like it or not. A second run of 1, copies of Skyscraper was sold on a modest tour before it was picked up by Universal.

Dynamite Walls is classic Hayden: introspective, melancholy, acoustic-driven indie folk that oozes charm. Long before Drake dominated the charts, pioneering Vancouver hip hop trio Rascalz — and a few of their pals — had to blaze a trail. Until that point, hip hop was underground, ignored and unsupported, for the most part, by the Canadian music industry.

The rap category was excluded from the main televised gala, a move Rascalz felt was both disrespectful to their genre and racist. So, they took a stand and refused to accept the award. That same year, Northern Touch became the first Canadian hip hop single to crack the Billboard Top , and was one of two singles featuring a sample of B.

Still, Northern Touch held its own; Choclair told The Canadian Press in that seeing their single compete directly with DMX — a rapper from a more commercially established scene — was his "Wow, OK, this could be something! But man, has he ever tried. So out of all his gems, why Gold in Them Hills? No hits? No problem. The song was written by production crew the Matrix, with some contribution from Lavigne.

Some people really believe this. Written and sung by Sara Quin, Walking With a Ghost reads and feels like the infectious manic, perhaps mantra of someone attempting to banish thoughts of a former lover. The song, and the twin sisters from Calgary, was later given a boost when the White Stripes covered it and released as the title track of an EP in December Including the Moffatts on this list was one of the more contentious decisions of the entire process, but how can you nix the band that was affectionately, and accurately, dubbed the Hanson of Canada? The quartet of teenage brothers from British Columbia released the track as the lead single from their album, Chapter I: A New Beginning , which was actually their fourth record, but the first with a more pop-focused sound.

Instantly, that opening hook full of "na na na"s wormed its way into the brains of girls the world over and helped push that record — which yielded numerous other memorable singles, including Misery , Miss You Like Crazy and Girl of My Dreams — to sell more than six million copies worldwide, almost reaching double-platinum status in Canada. Shine a Light is a song about the difference between living and merely being alive, an anthem for our modern times. The St. Catharines, Ont.

This Could Be Anywhere in the World — Alexisonfire Crisis By the time This Could Be Anywhere in the World came out, Alexisonfire was already riding high on critical and commercial success, but the track, which featured more heavily the melodic singing of Dallas Green who had already released a solo album as City and Colour , was something special in their already strong catalogue. For some fans, it marked the turning point when the St.

The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey, #1) by Richard Paul Evans

Catharines, Ont,. Sorry, Leslie: was built to last. By the time rolled around, Plaskett had dabbled a lot of sounds — punk rock, alt-rock, classic rock and blues rock — but when Nowhere With You landed, it was a pop-rock anthem that, despite Nova Scotia-specific references, resonated with fans from coast to coast to coast. The track went on to be his most commercially successful to date, earning him East Coast Music Awards for Single of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. But when they come together, their sound is powerful, and undeniable.

Weighty Ghost is probably their catchiest song, thanks to its playful blend of drums, slightly disjointed acoustics and irresistible na-na-nas. It certainly works for them. Born in Toronto as Jason D. Harrow in , Kardinal Offishall paved the way with his dancehall-influenced hip hop. He later told Rolling Stone the song came together in "less than an hour" — turning KO into an overnight sensation, a couple decades in the making.

Heart of My Own — Basia Bulat Heart of My Own Montreal-based singer-songwriter Basia Bulat has an unmistakable quiver in her voice that flutters gently, but passionately, over a stomping beat in Heart of My Own , the title track from her sophomore record. Baby — Justin Bieber My World 2. It cracked the Top 10 in more than 10 countries, reaching No. Oblivion — Grimes Visions Vancouver-born Grimes, a. It remains at once an assertion of power and a hand extended to any woman who walks with fear.

Nor could you scroll through social media without encountering one of the many lip-dub videos that had proliferated on YouTube, with regular folks wanting to hitch a ride on a viral star. It was a career-catapulting pop juggernaut. Co-written by Jepsen and Tavish Crowe, the single was initially conceived as folk song before Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench transformed it into a radio-ready hit.

Call Me Maybe went No. And critics loved it, too. Despite being a textbook pop song, Call Me Maybe was a daisy-fresh arrival in a hyper-sexualized genre. Consider the small but critical difference between "Call me, maybe" and what might have been the more obvious rhyme, "Call me, baby. It was her biggest success, peaking at No. Edwards took an extended break from making music after Voyageur , opening a coffee shop outside her hometown of Ottawa, cheekily called Quitters. Thank goodness for that. The song proved something of a crossover hit for the formerly folky Ryder; as the Toronto Star pointed out upon its release, it had found a home in every Canadian radio market but country.

Rude — Magic! It was her first Billboard Top 10 hit, featuring confessional lyrics about feeling miserable while people pretend to have fun all around you, delivered in with a vocal style resembling slam poetry. She performed the soulful single on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon before her album had even been released; it was named among the best songs of the year by everyone from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly to Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound.

It makes the thumb and pinkie finger on one hand, without warning, form a shape meant to replicate a phone from ages past and it makes the other hand sway back and forth with no co-ordination with what the rest of the body is doing. The GIF-makers went nuts. It inspired millions of awkward wallflowers to get up and move.

Those first releases from obscurity were critically acclaimed, but gritty and raw. One could also call it a straight-up ripoff. Stitches , from his debut record, was his first Top 10 single in the U. The hook-heavy R. CBC Music named it the No. Seeing Tagaq perform is a truly perception-altering experience — the sounds and movements she makes onstage confirm she is a force of nature unlike any other making music today.

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The album recently made the Polaris Prize long list. They were tunes that inspired nostalgia, tunes that only someone who grew up in Canada would have any connection to, but most had neither hit the charts nor scored radio play. Television has provided a wealth of jingles, theme songs and intros with only-in-Canada appeal. The vignette by John Weldon features black-and-white footage that gives way to charming animation of the light-footed log driver, whose goofy grace entices a local girl to chose him over the doctors and merchants and lawyers her parents would prefer.

The CBC variety show starring the New Brunswick fiddler closed every broadcast with a rendition of the American song Till We Meet Again ; parting was not so wistful in when the show was cancelled, sparking a national protest. The intro — a simple, haunting tune that emulates the call of a loon — is called Flute Poem. Despite the fact that it was composed by an American — South Dakota-born John Cacavas also penned the theme to Kojak — it might just be the most Canadian song of all time.

In the same vein, the spritely piano theme to long-running CBC kids show Mr. Dressup — penned and performed by Donald Himes of Galt, Ont.

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  4. Even public service announcements have made their mark. Luba had lots of legitimate hits under her belt in , but the Montreal singer will always be remembered by teen hoodlums for Break Free , a second PSA encouraging kids to quit smoking. Film has also made its contribution to Canadian consciousness. In , the chanson was transformed into a disco track with completely different English lyrics: From New York to L.

    Which probably explains why the words "When he walks down the street…" will invariably lead a generation of Canadian TV viewers to continue with "He smiles at everyone," as they launch into the theme from The King of Kensington , the sitcom starring Al Waxman as the titular Toronto titan.

    Nobody seems to know who wrote this jaunty little number, with its Yiddish inflections, but we can give Terry Bush music and John Crossley lyrics credit for the countrified ode to the canine rambler that introduces The Littlest Hobo. TV sports have made their mark in the public consciousness, of course. Look no further than The Hockey Theme , considered by some Canadians to be the second national anthem. The surging, triumphant tune was written by Juilliard-trained, B. The group Northern Lights, intended to emulate the U. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website.

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    In the key of Eh!

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    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)
    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)
    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)
    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)
    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)
    EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1) EARLY AVIATORS - Film Star Robert Lorraine (Strange But True Facts by Don Hale Book 1)

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