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But along the way they encountered tragedy on both a personal and professional front; if you could stack bad luck they would have needed to hire storage facilities to house it. Master tapes of completed albums were lost in studio fires and crashed hard disks, and even more tragically one band member had mental health issues that led to him taking his own life. Band managers and producers came and went — promises grew hope, which then evaporated with the lost tapes.

That plan is coming to fruition on 23rd November with an EP featuring myself, Robert Ruthven and Larry Alexander — the two remaining active members of the Creeping Charlies. Rock steady for the Republic — a man who will stop at nothing to complete his mission and protect the State he has fought to bring about. He is the Philip Marlowe of his day.

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  • MacLean has created a fine supporting cast: radical love, Maria, spicy royalist femme fatale, Lady Anne Winter, and spy master John Thurloe. The strong women add a richness to the story both romantically and politically. They have borrowed a nearby house from a tame royalist colonel, he is away somewhere. A scaffold had been erected on the side of the house, this is where Cecil will take the shot.


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    At close range the blunderbuss, the only weapon they could smuggle this close, should do the job. This assassination has been planned in conspiratorial circles in Cologne and Bruges over the past eighteen months, England is to be secured while the king, Charles Stuart, is fetched. When Cromwell emerges from the Abbey everything happens quickly, the crowd soon mobs the Lord Protector and the life guard surrounds him. As Cromwell approaches the would-be assassin, the Seeker is in the way of the shot and the operation has to be aborted. Boyes swears to kill the usurper and wreak vengeance on Damian Seeker.

    End of October that year, Chief Secretary Thurloe listens to a new report from Captain Seeker but there are too many tales of plots and traitors, and this man, Fish, cannot be a made priority without some concrete evidence.

    The Bear Pit by S.G. MacLean

    His old sergeant, Daniel Proctor, has a raid planned on a gambling den in Bankside and the Seeker decides to join him, keep his hand in. Lambeth is a den of iniquity; gambling, bear baiting, brothels, taverns, and the Marshalsea and Clink prisons.

    "I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO MAKE OF JOE ALLEN" - Stokies Here, There & Everywhere - The Bear Pit TV

    The gambling den they are after is frequented by low level royalists. The soldiers burst in, the Seeker makes for the stairs and catches a man trying to escape by the window, his dagger pinning the man to the frame. With the men in custody, the Seeker attends to his dog barking outside an outhouse, he smashes the lock and enters with Faithly in tow.

    They discover a body, a man chained to the wall, elderly and half eaten.

    The Bearpit

    Only one creature could have done this but they were all supposed to have been destroyed, there are no bears in London. While investigating, the Seeker sees his old friends Samuel and Maria Ellingworth for the first time since he rode north last year. They have a source in his inner circle. Meanwhile a stranger from Yorkshire is looking for the Seeker.


    The Bear Pit is a heady mix of thriller, love story and political intrigue.

    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit The Bearpit
    The Bearpit

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