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Net Impact Club. About Us Net Impact Club is a group of enthusiasts who aims to inspire students in applying their business skills towards creating a positive social impact. More than students and ISB staff turned up for the event. Over units of blood was collected, which has a potential to save lives.

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More than 60 volunteers signed up for the first weekend, as more than underprivileged kids were engaged in activities with social clubs like Arts Club, Music Club, Dance ,theater and professional clubs like Marketing, Retail, Infrastructure Women in Business. The league aims to showcase ISB talent to impact investors, with the goal of securing funding, landing the dream job or building a strong network.

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The Forum will provide meaningful opportunities and resources for both individuals and organizations looking to create impact through NGOs, non-profit and for-profit business. Flagship Event.

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Watch, laugh and learn with playful, informative video stories designed to expand your world and your knowledge of the monthly audio adventure. Join the Club.

Each month you'll get access to a brand new, exclusive Adventures in Odyssey episode. Join the characters you love as they travel around the world or spend the day in Odyssey. Each audio episode will come with a special video documentary and a set of activities, called Web Quests. These activities will take you behind the scenes of Adventures in Odyssey, provide crafts, teach you about new places and cultures, and much more.

Love DOOM? Join the Club.

Whit and Wooton travel to Uganda to help a young woman caught in a conflict between two warring tribes. Fly with us to Uganda and experience the real story behind The Launch, Part 1. Valery Lomilo and hear the courageous tale behind how God used her to bring peace to a warring region. Learn about the Karamojong people and their culture—with a special video cooking lesson! You'll get to sample the Karamojong language and music, plus you'll hear the Adventures in Odyssey actors learning to speak Swahili.

You'll also hear Adventures in Odyssey director Dave Arnold discuss how challenging this episode was to create. Every day you'll wake up to a new devotion to help you get your day started.

PACHA Disco | The iconic club of the white island.

These devotions will help your faith grow. Each month you'll get special updates and content to help you get the most from your membership—including ways for you to use the Adventures in Odyssey Club with your family at home. When an Alliance Organization is featured, a portion of that month's club membership dues will be sent to help provide relief and missions around the world. Invest in building your child's faith with the Adventures in Odyssey Club. Besides the amazing benefits of being a club member; like exclusive content and Web Quest activities, enjoy fun, meaningful daily devotions based on well-loved episodes.

Your kids will learn how to deepen their relationship with Jesus and live it out to others. Your Membership Includes. Unlimited Episode Streaming. Exclusive New Episodes. Monthly Web Quests. Clubhouse Magazine Subscription.

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In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club
In the Club In the Club

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