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Antoine Fuqua

The "enfant terrible" of the fashion world, Jean Paul Gaultier's career as a designer started with a film: Jacques Becker's "Paris Frills". Ever since, he has taken constant inspiration from the silver screen, paying tribute to cinema in his designs as well as collaborating with directors on costumes.

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As Cannes approaches and Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates his 67th birthday, we look back to when the French designer told Vogue. One day I met the actress who plays Micheline Lafaurie in the film, Micheline Presle, who was 91 at the time, and I said to her, "It's thanks to you that I became a designer, I love you". See all locations.

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  • It is sobering to watch how she struggles to have her voice heard amidst a largely male staff even though she is the boss. Her strength, as she comes into her own, is immensely inspiring to witness. Are there lessons here for today's battle between the president and the press? The film is remarkably evocative of the period that it portrays. People may have forgotten how important the match was. She wouldn't have been my first choice to play Billie Jean King, but I would have been wrong.

    She is marvelous. Another instance of the truth being far stranger than fiction can be found in Angela Robinson's "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women," where we learn the true origins of the Wonder Woman story.

    My Favorite Film Teaches Me to Choose Kindness

    They all paid a heavy price for their lifestyle. It's a story that will knock your socks off. However, you may never look at Wonder Woman's wristbands and lasso in the same way. Jenkins shows that a successful superhero movie can be about a woman, by a woman, and compassionate. For years we saw mainly boys flying around in make-shift capes as Superman.

    Patty Jenkins is saying, "Move over fellas, there's a new superhero in town. Their world, though physically close to the Magic Kingdom, is far, far apart. Yet it is pint-sized Brooklynn Prince who steals the show as Moonee, a girl intent on treating her surroundings as her own private playground. I couldn't resist putting these two together since they inadvertently serve as a fitting double bill.

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    Both films conclude with this monologue recited in "Dunkirk" by a young soldier , and they play off one another in all sorts of provocative ways. James Franco delivers the performance of his career as Tommy Wiseau , a director who, like Franco, is often misunderstood. Weber whose great coming-of-age drama, " The Spectacular Now ," previously screened at Ebertfest. I believe that Bigelow deserves to be a contender as well for her shattering drama, "Detroit.

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    Not many people knew about what happened at the Algiers Motel in Detroit in , and this film places you directly in the brutality of the moment. Is Norman a fraud and con-man or is he a diplomatic fixer who knows how to manipulate the system. The beauty of this film is it doesn't operate in the black and white zone, but trips ever so ambiguously through the shades of gray. In that sense it reminds me of Ashgar Farhadi.

    me talking about my favourite films for 28 minutes
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films My Favorite Films
    My Favorite Films

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