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He truly believed he loved me with all his heart and soul. And my heart shattered into a million pieces all over again. The sound of my phone vibrating on the bedside table woke me. I lifted my head and reached for it. I had five missed calls from Chelsea. A moment later, my phone vibrated again. The message was short and straight to the point, which was uncharacteristic of Chelsea: Yes. She must be pretty upset, and I was guessing it had nothing to do with her mum and everything to do with Aiden and me. I lay my head back down on the pillow, pulled the sheets over my head, and brought Chelsea back to the hotel room.

Her brain was filled with messages from Aiden to me. He had told her everything he was feeling: the confusion, the hurt, the despair, and, most importantly, the fear. I was already screwing with her brain more than I wanted. Chelsea stood there, not knowing what to do because she had no idea why I was acting the way I was.

I went back into her mind and reinstalled all the memories I had erased, a too-easy action. Something had snapped in me after Harry had given me the drug to counteract the suppressant my father had administered, and I could do things I never could before. I was in complete control of every single one of my abilities, even the ability to alter moods.

But I never used that one on myself. I was stuck in my crippling misery, exactly where I wanted to be. I needed to feel everything. Otherwise, I would never truly understand what I had lost and why I had to stop my father—at all costs. And she was okay with that—without my making changes to her psyche.

That was one of the many things that made her my best friend. She sighed. She wagged a finger at me. No, Chelsea. I sat up. He never really did. My father has taken something from me that I can never get back. He took my trust. I can never trust Aiden when he says he loves me. I looked down at my closed fists.

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How can I ever know for sure? You need to face Aiden.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance

She reached out and put her hand over mine. And you need to do it soon. Well then, will you come out with me to get something to eat? She hated seeing me like that, and I hated making her feel that way. She put her elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand. But on the other hand, I have to tell Aiden about it because how else am I supposed to explain why I can no longer be with him? Saying those words out loud made me feel as if a knife had been driven through my heart.

I sank back in my chair and stared absently at the table. Forget about Nathan for now. So my advice is: Go sort this mess out with Aiden, however you have to do it, and then go after Nathan.

Game of Thrones: Why Do We Still Root For Arya Stark?

The plan sounded so simple when she said it, but we both knew the execution was as far from simple as one could get. The waitress brought our meals, and I watched Chelsea devour her pizza as I moved my pasta around without actually taking a bite. I still felt too sick to eat anything, and my stomach would probably stay on strike until I faced Aiden.

Chelsea picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth and hands. She smiled. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know things will never be the same again. And by the time we had to go to the hospital, I was a nervous wreck. I stood up and went back inside. Come here, she said, holding out her arms. She laughed, and I transported us to the same spot where we had run into Aiden the previous day.

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When my body became aware of my surroundings I froze, unable to breathe, as a familiar feeling washed over me. My heart was racing as I turned around. I stopped breathing when I laid eyes on him.

Comic Book Issues - Vengeance

Unable to speak, I nodded. He smiled, but even that was heartbreaking. But I needed to tell him. Not taking his eyes off me, he said to Chelsea, Lucas is upstairs waiting for you. He had asked Lucas to come and fill in for him just in case I showed up again. He was about to suggest going to the Currumbin rock pools, but I realised that Nathan could have planted that suggestion in his mind, so I said, I know a place.

We stepped behind the tree, and I transported us to Burleigh Heads. We landed in a discreet section off the walking track. Neither of us said a thing as I led the way, taking us down to the beach. Being so close to him without touching him was almost too much. My entire body was hyper-aware of how close we were. It felt as if some magnetic force was pulling us together, which I had to continuously fight.

Aiden dropped his hand to his side, hoping I would put my hand in his, but at the same time thinking it would never happen. I sat down on the edge of the boardwalk, letting my legs dangle above the sand. Aiden moved to sit beside me and waited patiently for me to speak. I was glad I had picked that spot because somehow watching the waves rolling in gave.

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Why Do We Still Root for Arya Stark?

My life was a lie. Chelsea walked in and held out a glass. Here, have some water. Chelsea looked at her watch. Chelsea knocked on the door. I put my arms around her and transported us to behind a tree on the hospital grounds. Chelsea gave my back a quick rub.

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  • Aiden stood behind Chelsea, the pain in his eyes crushing my heart all over again. For millennia, most of humanity has lived in the far reaches of the solar system, driven from Earth by the Great Plague to survive in the controlled environments of spacecraft and moon bases. Every aspect of their lives is ruled by the iron fist of the solar governing Titan Administration.

    Sixty years ago all communications with the Administration's Earth controlling outpost ceased, and the subsequent missions to uncover the mystery vanish. But when a message arrives from Keljun, self-proclaimed ruler of Earth, warning of a threat to all human life and calling for a summit, Bruntrak is named envoy by the Administration's prime minister. His job: to lead a diplomatic mission down to the planet's surface, a place that humans once called home but vowed long ago to never return.

    With the help of his best friend, Doctor Shatoshi Nakasugi, the beautiful Doctor Deidra Danielles, the treacherous Colonel Konrad Wagner, and the enigmatic Shemaiah Singer, Bruntrak must travel to Earth, meet with its reclusive leader, and discover his true purpose for making contact after so many years of silence. However, powerful forces are at play, and not all are allies: the various evolution of post plague Earthlings, the secretive Watchers, and the shadowy Administration itself.

    At the end stands the mysterious Keljun, who may be the only thing standing between humanity and a terrifying foe from beyond Burgio is no stranger to both the dark and wondrous sides of storytelling. This early exposure to speculative fiction, combined with years of technical education, helped lead to the creation of The Colonel's Vengeance and The Solar Savior series. In addition to writing fiction, Lawrence is an avid guitar player and former member of the band Downstate, co-creating the album What It Is.

    Though novel writing calls to his heart, the blistering electric mayhem and soul shaking rhythms of heavy metal have never abandoned his soul.

    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)
    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)
    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)
    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)
    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)
    Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4) Vengeance (Evolution Series Book 4)

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