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Robert Consedine was raised in an Irish Catholic 'community' in the working-class Christchurch suburb of Addington.

...about incomplete TO, spaces for healing and taking our history in our own hands

From his involvement with the civil-rights movement in the United States to international relief aid visiting of Third World countries, Robert has witnessed the struggle for human dignity in some of the most marginalised environments in the world. Jailed for two weeks for his involvement with the anti-Springbok tour protests of , Robert was deeply affected by stories from Maori prisoners, stories reflecting every kind of dispossession: disconnection from family, land, language, culture, unemployment, abuse, violence, low self-esteem and personal and institutional racism.

Subsequently, Robert and Trish Consedine with the support of a network of Maori and Pakeha were inspired to set up Waitangi Assocaiates-an organisation that uses a combination of innovative educational strategies to assist the people of New Zealand in learning about and creatively confronting our colonial history. Robert has delivered Treaty education workshops in over New Zealand organisations and transported the workshop model to Canada and Australia. Joanna Consedine. Joanna Consedine grew up in an environment where she was aware from a young age about what constituted fariness and justice in teh world.


Her background inspired her to choose courses at universtiy that deepened these values. After completing her Bachelor of Arts with Honours First class Major: Education , Joanna worked as a tutor of a work-based training programme, facilitating the unemployed and school leavers with no formal qualifications into further training and employment opportunities. Returning home to New Zealand after her OE, Joanna then undertook contract work for Waitangi Associates and now works in career development. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers.

Read more. Joanna Consedine Joanna Consedine grew up in an environment where she was aware from a young age about what constituted fariness and justice in teh world.

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Related titles. Click to listen to our latest podcasts. Job Vacancy. Our History or His Story Our history has always been about His Story or how the life and work of Jesus breaks into our world in saving, healing power. Upcoming Events. Latest News. They completed each other. He said that is needs to be a standard of science to have both voices. History needs to be understandable for everyone. The ones that research and the ones that are researched must have the same dignity. The name was born by accident.

But working with those two dimensions is something very Boalian - going from microcosm to macrocosm. You go from the personal to the political, from the individual to the collective.

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The universe exists within you. But Boal or Sanjoy Ganguly are very spiritual people — not because they aim sudden enlightenment but because of the strength and belief they find to follow this work throughout an entire lifetime. They are convinced of continuity and that there is something more important than individual destiny or our personal ego. You can easily find a spiritual dimension in this work. But you have to be careful with language in this context — otherwise you easily become the strange esoteric one. B : The organization — which is still new and small — stands on three legs.

The teacher is Abel Solares, a storyteller from Guatemala. The third thing is my work with women in the Madalena groups but also with Feldenkrais to reconquer our bodies. So I have recently connected community work with storytelling, the bodywork with and for women and the popular theatre.

These are the dimensions of my work.

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R : What do you think are the upcoming challenges for the international TO community nowadays? Many practitioners were there and for a certain time felt as if he had given us a mandate to carry on his work.

SEXUAL HISTORY- Shimshai & Susana - Day 3 Meditation-10 Day Womb Healing Ceremony

Probably - as in many schools - it happened that the first generation becomes a little dogmatic when the teacher dies. That is understandable but dangerous. It means TO is alive. It would be nice to practice TO in the TO community in order to understand each other better. It would also be nice to have a medium of communication as we used to have. Facebook cannot do everything and I think it simply does not work. I would like to see a space like theatreoftheoppressed. I am part of the people that say that you cannot codify what TO is. When you see a performance in a festival you never understand the context it was made in.

Boal always said his life has become TO — because he always continued experimenting, trying, reflecting. I myself organize an annual method training. You even have to. The context changes all the time. The world we live in is not anymore what we believe it to be. The means have to change. TO has to change with it.

Healing Our History
Healing Our History
Healing Our History
Healing Our History
Healing Our History

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