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Replies: 3 Views: Elusivebutterfly Sep 27, at PM. Replies: 25 Views: Replies: 1, Views: 40, MayaKeats Sep 27, at PM. Rupaul's Drag Race general off-season discussion thread ego death , Jun 26, Replies: Views: 3, Briannastar22 Sep 27, at AM. And young people typically are two to three times more likely to be unemployed than other adults.

Even when they can find a place at work, it can often be in extremely difficult conditions. And think of this.

Peter Leyden, CEO of Reinventors Network and Former Managing Editor of Wired Magazine

Another number. These are the working poor, and in Africa that is the status of 60 per cent of young workers, often concentrated in conditions of informality and in the rural economy. So ladies and gentlemen, whether we like it or not, these are our global realities. And accept those realities besides the goals that the international community sets itself, when in it adopted the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development. The commitment then was to leave nobody behind. And it included the goal of inclusive growth and decent work for everybody, explicitly including youth.

Last month, the United Nations took stock of the progress that we have made so far in delivering on this agenda. Here again the news is not good because we are way off track, and we are way behind. Therefore this is time for action. We simply have to do more, we have to do better, and that is why we are all here in Abuja. Indeed the very first international labour standard that we adopted back in , was for the protection of young workers.

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The reason here is that we have tried to step up our action. In , as you may remember, the world was still really noting the impact of the financial crisis of And that Call for Action sets out basically five areas of action. These five areas are firstly, pro-employment macroeconomic policies that enable job creation amongst youth. That means that youth unemployment is not only a matter from ministries of labour or youth, but also the central banks, the ministries of planning, the ministries of finance and industries.

The second area is policy for and investment in education and skills. These are key so that the skills we provide young people with are those that our labour markets really need.

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And we talk frequently about the mismatch between the skills on offer and the skills that are needed. We need to do much better, and we need to make learning a lifelong process. The third area of action is active labour market policies. This can vary from employment service provisions, to wage subsidies, employment intensive investments, all of which can ease the transition of young people from education into employment. These are the policies that allow the integration of young people into the labour market. Fourthly, we have to promote youth entrepreneurship and self-employment to harness the extraordinary energy and talents of our young people.

And lastly, but it is not the least consideration, we have to be aware of and respectful of the rights of young people. Because young people are workers like any other and their rights need to be promoted and respected in that regard. Ladies and gentlemen, in these circumstances, the ILO has been working hard with its Member States, including Nigeria, and we have gathered momentum along the way. We brought our sister organizations of the international system into our efforts. Today that initiative brings together more than 60 global, regional and national partners.

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And here in Abuja we will be taking a further step with the establishment of a knowledge facility for this initiative. We hope this could become a novel valuable instrument to advance our goals.

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So, please do, engage with it, use it, contribute to it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have learnt a great deal from the work that we have already done together. And no doubt, we still have a great deal to learn. Because our task is far from finished. But we are also called upon to work with youth.

In building a future that truly meets their aims and aspirations, how can we do that if we do not involve them fully in what we try to build? Your presence here is absolutely vital and your contribution will help to inform and to enrich the tripartite interactions that governments, employers and workers which is an everyday methodology at the International Labour Organization.

Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012 Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012
Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012 Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012
Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012 Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012
Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012 Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012
Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012 Reality Today Forum: The Best of 2012

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