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And so, the original character outlines for the wives were as follows: [1]. Those healthy women were kept in the 'biodome' inside The Citadel where they would be educated by Miss Giddy and introduced to the works of the old world, but predominantly used as breeding stock for Immortan Joe. The warlord, desperate for having a healthy heir, would routinely rape the women and make sure they would deliver healthy babies for him.

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In most cases those attempts were futile until Angharad became pregnant with his child. Before the events of the film, it is revealed that Imperator Furiosa was assigned to protect the Five Wives from Rictus Erectus. Over time, Furiosa changed her attitude towards the Wives from disregard to compassion and ultimately decided to include them in her escape plan. Under cover of a supposed supply run to Gas Town and the Bullet Farm , she smuggled the wives in the storage tank of her War Rig.


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Along the highway to Gas Town, she went off-road and started heading east. Roger tells them that there is nothing wrong and the women leave. The next day Joanna and Bobbie discover Roger's favorite flamboyant clothes, playbills, and a photo of Viggo Mortensen in the trash. Jerry tells them to meet them in town hall and they see Roger, apparently running for State Senate, with a bland, conventional look and conformist personality. Joanna wants to leave and Walter agrees with her, saying that they will go the next day.

At night, a robo-dog gives her a remote with her name. Joanne goes into Walter's study and discovers that all the Stepford wives were once working women in high power positions and that a champion terrier vanished and is believed to be the robo-dog. The next day, Joanne visits Bobbie and she notices that her house is spotless. Bobbie is now blond, dressed in a Sunday dress, and blends in with the other Stepford wives.

Bobbie says that she is a whole new person and the most important thing is her cookbook. While telling Joanna that she can help her change, Bobbie puts her hand over the stove's burner and does not even notice. Joanna wants to leave and calls the camp for her kids, but she finds out that they were taken by Walter.

She goes back to the Men's Association and finds that in her family picture she now looks like a Stepford wife. Walter has gathered with the other husbands and confesses that after marrying Joanna, he has felt undermined and all the husbands feel the same. Mike shows how they insert nanochips into their wives' brains and turn them into Stepford wives.

The men corner Joanna and Walter and force them toward the transformation room, but before Joanna enters, she makes a final appeal by asking whether the new wives really mean it when they tell their husbands that they love them. The next scene shows all of the Stepford wives, including Joanna, now blond and dressed in a Sunday dress, in the grocery.

With Joanna and Walter as the guests of honor, Stepford hosts a formal ball. During the festivities, Joanna distracts Mike Christopher Walken and entices him into the garden, while Walter slips away.

Would you be able to follow these 1950s housewife rules? Let us know below!

Walter returns to the transformation room, where he destroys the software that makes the women obedient. Walter returns to the ball, where the baffled husbands are cornered by their vengeful wives.

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Walter reveals that Joanna never received the microchip implant because her argument during the struggle had won him over. Out of his love for and loyalty to the human being he married, he joined her plan to infiltrate Stepford, with her pretending to be a cyborg. Mike threatens Walter, but before Mike can attack, Joanna hits Mike with a candlestick, decapitating him and revealing that he is a robot, and not even partially biological.

Claire Glenn Close explains that she created Stepford because she, too, was a bitter, career-minded woman; in her case, a tired brain surgeon. When she discovered that Mike was having an affair with her research assistant, she murdered them in a jealous rage. When Joanna wonders aloud why Claire did not simply make the men into cyborgs, she replies that she planned to turn the whole community into cyborgs.

Claire then electrocutes herself by kissing Mike's severed robotic head. They have all met with success; Joanna has made a documentary, Bobbie has written a book of poetry, and Roger broke up with Jerry and won his State Senate seat as an Independent. Before ending the interview, King asks about the fate of the other husbands of Stepford.

Roger reveals that they are still in Stepford. Bobbie agrees by explaining that they are under house arrest and are being retrained to become better people. The closing scene of the film reveals that the irate wives have taken over Stepford. They are forcing their husbands to atone for their crimes by making them do housework and shop for them.

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In a interview, Oz stated "Tension on the set? This is such a touching poem. Thank you for sharing I am going to share this with my wife. Every word in this poem is how I feel. I hope this will bring our love even closer. Thank you for If you walked in my shoes for a day, You'd know how I love you in such a way. You'd share the aching of my heart.

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Love is not something you see. It's meaning everything to me. It's needing to have you in my life, So much that I made you my wife. A beautiful romantic poem, William Those in love don't see love, they feel it. Hidden in their hearts are the secrets. Only they know what lights their fire, The mystic magic of In the shadow of your warm love I feel so safe and secure, And your soft, caring hands Urge me on to bravely endure.

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Hand in hand we walk together, God's grace warms us from above. It's him I thank each day I wake for blessing me with all your love. This poem says everything about my wife. She's my sunshine, and most of all she is my life.

Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives
Perfect Wives Perfect Wives

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