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Oct 14, Sandi Barnes rated it really liked it Shelves: sfrc-spelling-bee. Overall, a pretty engrossing story. I was particularly submerged in Matthew's story line. It's a shame that more readers have not discovered this and I am continuing with book 2 of series very soon. Joe Bonhage marked it as to-read Mar 08, Caitlin marked it as to-read Jan 27, Books for Badger marked it as to-read Jun 24, Kylie marked it as to-read Feb 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The street price of Ice in China is miniscule compared to Australia, so they love to export it. The Australian Anti Ice Campaign came up with a plan: get into the schools with people like Esther Deganin, and talk to the kids. Deganin is a year-old mother of two. She became an Ice addict when she was years-old. She actually gave birth while she was an addict.

In her telling of her story, she never considered herself addict material. They did listen to her. They asked her questions. Some went up to her at the end to talk about their experiences. She told me lots of them communicated to her with their eyes as she spoke. Hopefully, some of them will be among the lucky ones and never start. But what if they do? On the negative side, once Ice gets into. As we said in the first instalment, Ice destroys the dopamine receptors in your brain after a very few tries, maybe even one or two.

I literally took hits of Ice to get the energy I needed to take a shower. Simmons told us they. Many of the party goers lunch in a relaxing environcame in fancy-dress beach- ment. We have been through what you are going through and you will not be alone. Both are excellent locations to dine in or you can take your grub over to Violet Smith Park and enjoy the Jazz music. To help you get a full understanding of what is going on in terms of Art Deco in the area, earlier this year, a free app was released on both Android and iPhone platforms called Tropical Art Deco, a virtual reality tour that takes you back to the s and explores the hidden tales behind the Art Deco and historical buildings of interest in both Tully and Innisfail.

This is a self-guided location-based storytelling tool that gives technical details on decorative architecture as well the history of how Art Deco was built from tragedy. You can also follow the various signs posted around the area that give you the history of certain buildings.


There will be food and drinks for sale, with the barbecue being manned by the Tully Looking Forward Group. Take this opportunity to be part of History in Tully. On the plus side, you can reach out for help. Simmons told us that rehab is available and that there are facilities that will essentially take just a portion of your Centrelink payment, the implication being you will not be working in a job for a while. There were also games in the heated pool such as volley ball, noodle race, as well as a variation of the egg and spoon race, where foam balls were used instead of eggs.

Six members of the Mataa family from Mission Beach sung three inspirational songs in English and their traditional Cook Islands language. Probus clubs provide a good opportunity to meet with other retirees on a regular basis, listen to interesting speakers, as well as socialise and join in fun activities in the company of new friends.

Probus is growing as there are now over 1, clubs in Australia and New Zealand with more than , members. Innisfail hosted the event in and the next regional gathering in will be jointly hosted by three Cairns-based Probus clubs. However the Correspondent Mayor assured Cr. Nolan, lated to Council applying who then supported the for a State Government resolution, and the Mayor grant to facilitate the Inn- did indeed subsequently isfail Riverfront Redevel- bring forward a resoluopment Planning Project, tion for Council to support which is part of the Innis- funding applications for fail Strategic Masterplan.

Nolan, on behalf of nent of the redevelopment an absent Cr. Raleigh, put of the Innisfail riverfront forward a motion relating area. These design docu- to the proposed removal ments will be used to ap- of a calophyllum tree on ply for further Federal and the Cardwell foreshore. State Government funding He wanted Council to conto assist in the actual con- sider investigating options struction of the project. Nolan initially in- moving the tree as advised dicated that he would to Council by two arbovote against the motion. He was in favour of an The proposed resoalternate application for a lution failed to obtain a grant to undertake repairs seconder and indeed was relating to the erosion at withdrawn by Cr.

Nolan the Innisfail Bowls Club. However Cr. Ben Heath provided his public apology for the two counts of misconduct he was recently found guilty of by the Councillor Conduct Tribunal. Staff were undertaking due diligence on the applicants, and in particular their ability to actually deliver their proposals. On the topic of Dunk Island, Council indicated that it was currently unaware of any sale or unconditional contract of the resort land.

It also went on their Facebook page. Unfortunately it contained. Mayor Kremastos has instead elected to duck the fundamental issues and gloss over legitimate public concerns via an advertisement presumably paid for by ratepayers. These also include vexatious litigant and bankruptcy claims.

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The Couple have been accused of defaming the CEO in multiple emails and phone calls because they were unhappy with a Council investigation. It appears more than a coincidence that legal costs began to escalate not long after the CEO launched his defamation claim. Council points out that it incurs legal costs on a range of matters. The Couple have provided a statement to CCIN that they have no objection to the quantum of costs being released, so it is clear that it is only our Council electing to have the costs sum remain hidden.

Ratepayers seek a clear statement that these. It is also difficult to comprehend how this matter has dragged on for so long? Again CCIN has been provided with a statement from the Couple alleging that in regards to the defamation matter there has been no approach from the CEO, his legal team, the Council or its representatives in respect to any mediation to settle the case.

If this is correct it is extraordinary that ratepayer funds are being spent without any apparent attempt to resolve the matter without expensive legal action. For example, were they given a budget of the likely costs? Did they receive any independent legal advice? Again, it would have been simple for Council to confirm that such ele-. No one is suggesting that employees should not be protected.

CCIN will continue to research this whole sorry saga…stay tuned. We have received advice from our insurers and can now set the record straight. Council does not believe it is appropriate to comment on cases which are the subject of ongoing legal proceedings. However, Council can advise that it is obliged, the same as any organisation, to indemnify its Councillors and Officers for claims against them arising out of their employment or election.

Breakfast will be served in store, or delivered to Violet Smith Park. Legal expenditure goes towards debt recoveries, contractual matters, town planning matters, advice on land dealings and regulatory matters, amongst many others. That is to say Mr Gott will not derive any financial benefit from that legal action.

WHAT a fantastic lot of flowers and edibles we are growing so well now, with our cooler days and night and some rain! I really love this time of year and find there is nothing better than going out to the garden to pick much of the food we will be eating that day.

I also grow many herbs which can be chopped and put into small plastic containers with lids, topped with water and frozen to be thawed whenever needed. If I am using these in an uncooked meal, I thaw what I need in a wire basket to allow the water to drain as it thaws. If I am using them in a cooked meal, I simply pop them into the meal while it is cooking.

There are also many vegetables which can be blanched and frozen or made into a base for adding later to a meat or chicken dish and kept in the freezer till needed. We need to encourage birds, bees, dragonflies and butterflies into our gardens as many of these will help to get rid of pests and butterflies are so beautiful and need flowers with pollen they enjoy and certain plants on which to lay their eggs and feed the caterpillars when they hatch.

The plants that have leaves eaten by these caterpillars usually produce new leaves quickly and show more vigorous growth. Keep some shallow bowls of water in shady spots and put small, flat stones in them so butterflies, dragonflies and bees can gain safe access to them Dragonflies love to be near water and will hover over ponds or containers of water to have a drink, and they eat many insect pests each day. I have good sized round plastic containers and large terracotta pots that I fill with water and grow waterlilies and lotus in, and the small birds, frogs, bees and butterflies love to sit on the waterlily leaves, which float on top of the water, to have a drink.

Second Chronicles

Nectar-feeding birds, butterflies and bees love the flowers of trees and plants such as Golden Penda, Tea trees, Callistemon, Gums, Wattle, and Melicope Elleryana and other natives, and they are good to plant if you wish to attract them. Butterflies also love the pollen of the Ixora flowers, Pentas, old-fashioned Hibiscus and others, so plant a nice selection of these. Bees also are attracted to the pollen from Basil flowers, Darwin Hibiscus Hibertia , Portulacas,Palms, Sunflowers, Waterlilies, Allysum, Marigolds, Daisies and more, so while you are encouraging natural pest control in your garden, you are also beautifying your own special place.

To prevent accidentally killing our beneficial insects, it is wise to avoid using chemical sprays for other problematic pests, it is best to use natural pest control products and I can advise the ones that are appropriate if you call in to see me at Mitre 10 Garden Centre on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Many Tropical fruit trees such as Longans, Lychees and Avocadoes are now flowering and these need the bees to pollinate them and give us the delicious fruits!

Phalenopsis Orchids are such a fabulous orchid to grow and they can be encouraged to produce more than one spray of flowers off each stem, thus flowering for a long period, so they are good value. They like to be planted in a free-draining mix I use quincan rock and love a bright, warm position out of direct sunlight.

They appreciate high humidity and I find this easy to create by placing a few cms of crusher rock on the floor of the orchid house. They require regular watering, and love to be fertilised with the orchid bloom booster which is made by Manutec, and is available at Mitre Leave the stems on after flowers have finished, as long as the stems are still green, and more flowers will soon emerge from them. Sometimes you will even be lucky enough to have a new plant emerge. Until next month, Enjoy gardening,. This year the Tully Support Centre TSC is helping to raise awareness that all adults have a responsibility in keeping children safe from harm.

We will. If you have any concerns about a child in our community you can contact the Far North Queensland Regional Child Safety Intake service on To register your interest or more info about groups and other services please call , check the Tully Support Centre online at www. Cassowary Coast Statistics WE have around kids in care who are in differing levels of intervention.

About 97 of these are on orders and placed in Foster Care, with 29 placed in the home. Our largest cohorts are in 10 — 15 age of which there 51, with. Currently we have 45 foster carers on the books and need more! Seeking help as a parent? IN I was a brand new mum who had no idea what she was doing. I was living in a regional town in Queensland with no family close by for support.

There were no mummy blogs to turn to, no internet community to ask for advice. When I asked for help from my GP he told me to put the baby to sleep in a room far enough away from me so I could sleep uninterrupted because every sound my baby made woke me up, even the beautiful little snuffles babies make in their sleep. I sought support from every avenue I could think of but I could not find any programs to help new parents.

In when I was tearing my hair out with three children under six, one child with school refusal and one toddler who refused to sleep and would literally climb the curtains to the top when my back was turned I was not able to access help or support. Fast forward to when I was working for Child Safety. There were so many families I investigated to see if their children were safe who just needed the kind of help I had needed.

There are now many programs that are funded to support parents and families across the state. The government has funded Family and Child Connect FACC services to connect parents who need help with professionals who can assist them to access services, programs and parenting courses. There are services that work with child care providers to assist parents to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme for children who are identified as having a disability. These same services help parents with behaviour management strategies and parenting techniques.

WHEN you lose someone you love and care about it is a difficult experience to live through. When it happens by suicide, you might ask yourself what you could do to see if you can assist with suicide prevention. In a recent Lifeline email campaign, indicated research shows that connecting with people in crisis and being there with them in their dark moments makes a life-saving difference.

Her son went missing, and this led to a nationwide search. Sadly, after three months her son was found in the mangroves behind their house in Cairns, having killed himself. This experience has led Crouch to be a strong advocate for suicide prevention.

2 Chronicles 1-3 The Beginning of Solomon's Reign

Unfortunately, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that Queensland has experienced an overall increase in suicide deaths from to , with rates increasing from In Tully from. If you need help call Lifeline on 13 11 If you are a young person who is feeling distressed visit www. There is a Suicide Call Back Service on Every parent needs support at different times. Community Response to Eliminating Suicide THE CORES one-day suicide intervention training teaches community members how to identify the early warning signs of someone who may be at risk of self harm or suicide.

People are also taught what steps to take once they have identified the person at risk, including how to utilise all available resources. The course is a very user friendly, practical, interactive day and people do not need any special skills to complete the training successfully. The aim is to be pro-active and reach people at risk before they reach a crisis point.

Citrus County chronicle

Research has proven that early intervention works. The people trained are not there to solve the problems of the person at risk. Their role is to recognise the warning signs and connect the person at risk to the services and back into their community. The more skilled people out in the community, the less chance there is of someone at risk not receiving the appropriate help. You will also learn that as family and friends there are many things we can all do to help our loved ones.

Over people have been trained in Queensland with — on average — every fourth person trained having used their skills to help a person at risk. This model — working from the ground up — builds strength and resilience through the networks of everyday people empowered with the skills to help. The benefits to the community live on through the locals who have been trained. Many of you have completed first aid training just in case. You may some day need the skills we can teach you. Email: coresqld kentishrc. The Cairns Clinic is a fully registered private psychiatric inpatient facility committed to providing support and guidance to clients through every step of the recovery phase.

A 30 bed facility in a resort-style environment, The Cairns Clinic provides both inpatient and day patient programs for clients diagnosed with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, addictive behaviour and acute stress. We have a dedicated team of mental health professionals who are committed to providing the best possible care to support the client on their journey to positive mental health, from pre-admission to discharge back into the community, explained Natalie Conley, Assistant Director of Clinical Services.

Ramsay Health Care is committed to meeting the needs of the local community with the expansion of services and staff at The Cairns Clinic; now offering rTMS Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation , a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression - typically used when other depression treatments have not been effective.

Our aim is to provide education, awareness and intervention strategies to tackle suicide in the local and surrounding regions. We aim to reach out to community members through participation in sport; to encourage, support and promote life. This an annual event for our region is to continue to raise awareness in reducing and eliminating suicide in our community. For more info Phone. PG, R PG PG, R 1. PG, R 2. PG, R 3. Round North Queensland Cowboys v Canterbury Bulldogs.

M, R PG, R 5. Opinionated viewers discuss TV shows. PG, R 4. UCI World Tour. Stage 5. PG, R 6. Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels. From Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. M, R Hosted by Tom Gleisner. Stage 6.

See a Problem?

A man battles organised crime. PG, R. PG, R 7. Super Netball. Major semifinal. Sydney Roosters v Penrith Panthers. PG, R 8. PG, R 9. TCR Australia Series. Shannons Nationals. Round 5. Round 2. Stage 7. Major semi-final. Melbourne Vixens v Collingwood Magpies. Current affairs program. M A body is found in the middle of some street art.

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International Champions Cup. Bayern Munich v Real Madrid. Stage 8. Patti Newton. PG Hosted by Karl Stefanovic. M Hosted by Tom Gleisner. M, R Stand-up performances from comedians. Stage 9. PG Laura helps Ben mend his broken heart. Presented by Jenny Brockie. US Open. M Gigi tries to save the hotel. Stage All in the neat little package that is the Cassowary Coast.

During an evening featuring out-of-town muso, Tessa Devine, I explored a quality of sound and live music that was pure beauty to my ears. On another night, I found myself in a crowd of. It was so well organized, orchestrated and vibrant, I walked away knowing I was part of something bigger. Art deco parties were at their finest, while club style events and jam nights also brought people that sense of togetherness we all so well deserve. Where did you go? What made it special? In doing so, we are helping to enable protection for the amazing cassowary, and in turn these wet tropics environment that we have learned to value so much.

Come along, bring the family. To start proceedings groups, individuals, adults and children are invited to meet in the Village Green Mission Beach by am to launch the day with the parade, The Drumming of the Cassowary. Dress in costume, cassowary colours or anything that displays our natural envi-. Prizes are to be won for best cassowary costume.

This parade is taking to the streets in the name of cassowary conservation, leading up the road to the central stage of the festival where the market stalls are situated and the entertainment begins. With this festival being the only one scheduled for Mission Beach this year, be sure to give it your all in the name of togetherness for our natural surroundings.


For a complete picture of the program visit www. Importantly, keep your eye on the Gig Guide so you can make the best of your own social calendar. It really feels like there is something for everybody. Where you heard it on the Grapevine…. At markets, upon the street, there was always a song to mark the occasion, and of course, a character behind that song.

Only to be told by the cab driver that he has heard it a million times from the very same person, maybe a little much for his liking. I decided to make some enquiries about busking in our region. Contrary to some belief out there that it is illegal here, it is not. Just as anywhere it has a few regulations to keep us all happy. There is no fee, but insurance is needed. Grab your permit.

One of the requirements is that the busker seeks permission from the shops they choose to busk in front of. This is only to avoid the council being called regarding what may be termed nuisance style music. As for shop owners, bear in mind. You may hear it a few times over, but the visitor only hears it once.

That moment is defined for them. Music brings beauty, laughter and emotion, which in turn brings a memory to that very spot. Do you want your shop and your town to be remembered in its many colours? When a friendly busker asks your permission, give them a chance. Make a deal as to the frequency, letting us walk and dance to the tunes of our fellow musos and the character of the town for which we are so proud.

The Bluewings 6. Match the Mini 5pm Mission Beach Resort Spin to Win Chase the Ace 4pm — 6. Late Night 7. Jeff Horn vs. Michael Zerafa Mission Beach Tavern Karaoke Free entry 8pm The Shrub Co John Kemp 4pm Tully Flower Show Call NOW! Mission Beach Resort Zhang am Mission Beach Tavern Stuie Harcourt 6. Chase the Ace 3pm — pm Mission Beach Resort Match the Mini 4pm — 6pm The Shrub Co Innisfail Spare Parts 7pm - 11pm Queens Hotel Toy Story 4 7. Fun for the whole family 5pm til late Cinema Paradiso Movie Night Match the Mini 4pm — 6pm Mission Beach Resort Well, I now start to think that we may need to re-consider these features.

Contrary to popular sentiment? Part of a larger intrusion shallow , I would say, not a flow. But the edges have been eroded away, yes, almost certainly. Callan has explained, using some nice […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Blogs Discussion About. Home Author History Blog title?

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Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2) Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2)
Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2) Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2)
Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2) Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2)
Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2) Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2)
Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2) Twister (The Chronicles of Tableland Book 2)

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