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The particles that make up this body are the slowest moving and therefore can be seen with normal vision. Surrounding the physical body is the mental body. Outside of it is the emotional body and finally the spiritual body. There is also the gift of hearing what cannot normally be heard, known as clairaudience. A Shaman uses these skills to work in the energy bodies to transform disharmonious energies.

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From a Shamanic perspective, disease dis-ease , illness, imbalance and dis-harmony usually start in the outer, more ethereal energy bodies. If the imbalance is not corrected, it then moves inward through the emotional and mental and finally manifests in the physical body as disease. If you heal or transform the imbalance at the spiritual level, all of the other bodies, including the physical body, will be affected.

Assuming the person then takes positive steps to change their lifestyle, beliefs, and behaviors, true and permanent healing can occur. Western medicine approaches disease from a combative point of view using surgery and medications.

Shamanism is Holistic in Nature

They are trained to diagnose and treat disease. They seldom look for the underlying cause and rarely concern themselves with the mental, emotional, or spiritual factors. Therefore the treatments are directed at the densest lowest level, the physical body, of the individual. This type of cure can, and often is, effective. It is also often only temporary. In medical terms, they call it remission because they know it is likely to return. From a Shamanic perspective, since the energetic cause of the disease has not been addressed, no healing has occurred.

The energetic imbalance that caused the disease in the first place still exists in the energy field.

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Thus the pattern will often reoccur in the physical body at a later time. A person has to take responsibility for their choices and behaviors that have created the disease. They have to learn about, take responsibility for, and make changes that will allow healing to take place.

Then they have to find someone, a Shaman, who can assist them in their healing process. Once the energy pattern is corrected, the person must continue to live a new lifestyle, acting and thinking in entirely new ways, in order to maintain their new level of health. If they simply return to their old patterns of acting and thinking, they are likely to create the same problems all over again.

A Shaman or Healer is someone who can assist a person along this journey: to guide, to facilitate and to encourage.

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It is ultimately up to the person themselves, however, whether healing occurs or not. Shamanic healing — like other forms of alternative or complementary medicine — is often done in conjunction with, or in addition to, traditional western medicine. Anyone with a serious condition should seek professional assistance from a trained healthcare practitioner. Even some western medical doctors are studying shamanism these days. To learn more about sweat lodge and a few other shamanic practices, read my bestselling book Peering Through the Veil.

Up until the day I met Kaaren Shikiah Kaylor, I had never needed, or even thought of, having an energy session for physical pain.

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I so rarely have physical pain. But living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the energies there brought up so many things, I often found myself dealing with phantom pain from past lives and had lots of encounters with disharmonious energy, vampires, energetic attachments, etc. Where there is light, there is also darkness. As I was setting up the booth, I suddenly began having excruciating back pain.

I could hardly walk I was so uncomfortable. I was still setting up the booth when this woman, Shikiah, was doing the opening ceremony. I had never laid eyes on her and yet, I was scheduled for a session. I like to make my own appointments, thank you very much. Whatever you are called to do as a true life purpose, those talents and gifts you came in to awaken, activate, fine-tune, and enhance, often require that you grow immensely in consciousness and awareness, healing layer upon layer of fear and limitation in order to step fully into that role.

If you are going to work with energy, this is something you must master. Read more about the nature of who I am and what I do here. Clear the energy between you and spend less time with them if at all possible. How often do you take the time to meditate, open the energy channels within the body, connect to the earth and your Higher Self? These are actions I take every single day.

I encourage you to do the same. My intrigue began as a small child living in Texas. We often played cowboys and indians and I always insisted on being an indian the term Native American was not yet part of my awareness at the time. I could close my eyes and literally feel the buckskin dress against my skin, the moccasins on my feet, the feathers in my hair, the pottery bowl in my hand.

At the time I thought I was just making it up. No one had danced there in years — according to what they said that day. Each of these moments was a powerful gift in my life, not just for the experience and insight it brought me, but because of the other people who were part of it with me. Those who have read my books will already know this story. It all began with …. I had hit the wall emotionally, literally cracked under the intense level of work stress I was under as a front line supervisor and engineer in a major pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. I had 40 employees that reported to me directly and every decision I made … Read more.

Others look at you like you must be nuts — not being able to imagine doing it and wondering why anyone would want to. I always fell into the first category. When I first heard about firewalking, I knew it was something I could do with little to no effort and certainly no cause for getting all bent out of shape. So I never intended to do it. But … Read more. We are all connected to the earth. Being out of alignment with the earth causes stress, lack of clarity, feeling off center.

It even causes your various energy fields to spin out of alignment with one another and with the earth. It can cause you to be irritable and even have physical issues. Here is a fast way to get relief and be more aligned. It is actually beneficial to do this every day as the energies everywhere are shifting and you are being re-calibrated to handle the higher frequencies. Sit with your eyes closed. Take a few slow deep breaths. Focus your attention on your heart.

Find something to feel grateful for. Ask Archangel Michael to place a protective grid around you. I like to ask him to wrap his wings around me. It feels very nice. Ground yourself by seeing giant roots growing down into the earth from each of your feet. See the roots grow and spread as far as possible. Feel yourself firmly anchored to the earth.

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Ask for the dolphin spiral clearing and infusion to cleanse your field. The instructions are in the free ebook Dancing with Dolphins that you were gifted when you joined the newsletter list. If you are very sensitive, the essence can greatly assist you. It can be found in the blends of Resurrection and Break Through. Spend as much time as possible in nature, in meditation, and in silence to assist you to re-harmonize with what Earth is doing right now. Rest as often as possible. Just sayin…. Like this: Like Loading Her long fascination with noir fiction prompted Veronica to try her own hand at writing fiction several years ago.

She is currently working on the third draft of her first novel — a memoir — as well the second draft of her first fiction novel, a fantasy novel and the publication of a collection of her flash fiction and short stories. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow
Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow

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