Your Life on the Campus

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Campus and Student Life

Campus Life - International Students | Kadir Has University

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Campus Life: What to Expect

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There is a wide range of opportunities for students to serve the College, the broader community, and one another. Students play a significant role in College governance, holding positions on numerous standing committees.

A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student

Swarthmore's pastoral acre campus is the home of the renowned Scott Arboretum, which boasts robust gardens and more than 4, plant varieties. Through academic programs, student-led performances on and off campus, and an array of creative spaces, the arts at Swarthmore burst with inventiveness and color. This video does not contain audio.


Student Resources. You are heartily encouraged to pursue any interests that enhance your education and enrich your student experience. Your participation can expand your horizons, deepen your interests, and connect you with new people.

What to Bring to College

Sometimes you may need to dig a little, too. The following resources are a good place to start:.

  • Distributed Strategic Learning for Wireless Engineers.
  • American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World.
  • Life at UIC?
  • An Unexpected Grace!

How is it that becoming fully involved in student life can have such a positive impact on student satisfaction and academic success? The National Survey of Student Engagement —a survey measuring student involvement in academic and cocurricular activities—shows that student success is directly linked to student involvement in the institution. In fact, survey results show that the higher the level of student involvement is, the higher student grades are and the more likely students are to reenroll the next semester. All of this seems to translate to satisfaction. Skip to main content.

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Social Interaction and Diversity. Search for:. Campus and Student Life. Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Describe the variety of organized groups available on campus for both resident and nonresident students Identify resources for learning more about campus organizations Describe the benefits of participating in student life.

Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus
Your Life on the Campus Your Life on the Campus

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